The Clutter Quiz


This quick quiz will determine where you stand on The Clutter Angel scale.

Score yourself:  

  1=never  2=occasionally  3=usually  4=always


1. ____You have great difficulty finding items you rarely use (ie. “I thought I put it here somewhere..” syndrome)

2.____You leave your shoes wherever you take them off.

3.____You step over items (like shoes you took off) many times before putting them away.

4. ____You  neglect to sort your trash (no time, no interest, no excuse).

5.____Piles of paper abound (iIncludes newspapers and magazines, random notes, bills, etc.)                                   

6.____You procrastinate.

7.____You leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

8.____You find it difficult to get rid of old electronics, stained or old clothes, and magazines you plan to read “sometime.”

9.____There are many "collections" of things (ie. vases, "scratch paper," shopping bags, etc.) everywhere.

10.____When dishes have piled up, the living room is chaotic, and the bed isn't made  you don't get upset.

11.____ "To-do" lists are a hassle.

12. ____You make "to-do" lists but ignore or misplace them.

13.____There is little order in your closet, ie. you can't find you're looking for.

14. ____The trunk of your car is full of unknowns.

15.____You lose track of your bills and sometimes forget to  pay them on time.

Add up your points.

If  you scored 15-25, congratulations! You're a neatnik and deserve your own wings.

If you scored 26-40, you are coping with being human and deserve an "attaboy/girl."

If you scored 41-60, warning!! You need an angelic intervention. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY!