Closet Solutions

Closets are my specialty. There’s (almost) nothing as satisfying as being able to see what is in your closet and grab what you need easily without digging or asking where the heck that vintage Chanel blouse is. I like to empty the closet first, and make basic piles of pants, tops, sweaters, etc. Then clean

When to Let Go

The only real estate we truly own in this life is our body. The rest is extra:  things, collectibles, what-nots, knickknacks, items, curios, baubles, furniture, clothes, trinkets, property, assets, equity, or treasures. Embrace that perspective and understand that whatever you decide to release is just a thing. Owning it won’t change who YOU are, but not


Those of us who have lived and acquired memorabilia, collections, and ephemera eventually need to downsize. The decision-making process itself (true for any age when “de-collecting”) can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s a matter of what to keep and what to donate or sell. It’s so important to me that the client feels each item gets

Are You a Hoarder?

Are You a Hoarder? The answer is if you think you may be, you probably aren’t. True hoarding is a psychological problem often stemming from trauma that has not been addressed or healed. There is a fear of losing control which typically manifests as a need to keep everything, even trash.

A Cluttered Mindset

Clutter is a mindset. If you see your space as cluttered, you probably feel your mind, your thoughts, and your days are a “mess” as well. A quantum mindset would be the opposite of clutter. What does the word ‘clutter’ evoke for you? A pile of papers? An overstuffed closet? A floor littered with toys?