June 7, 2013

Too Many Passwords

Clients often ask me how I deal with remembering passwords. You can Google password managers and password savers and find lots of options. I don’t recommend or NOT recommend doing that because I haven’t tried it myself. Admittedly, being a dinosaur in many areas, I use a simple technique. I open a word-processing document (it can be Word, Pages, or wherever you can pull up a clean page) and simply type the name of the site in BOLDFACE CAPSĀ then p/w: jackandjill123 (or whatever your password happens to be). Add each site in its alphabetical proper place so you won’t have to move them around later. I keep it on my desktop or filed in documents. If others use your computer, call it something other than “Passwords” like “Grocery List” or something that doesn’t invite prying eyes.

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