Links I Like Real Simple magazine. Great household ideas. Just like it sounds.

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Diana Bertoldo is an amazing energy healer who knows all about the physics of manipulating energy in the field. Diana is gifted, smart, and totally committed to her calling. Check out her website or email her at <>


The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, is a kind of manual for becoming any kind of artist or for anyone who wants to develop a more creative and expanded way of life. Kelly worked with Julia and teaches The Artist’s Way workshops, as well as other writing and self-empowering groups. Kelly changed my life, starting with the workshop I took over 15 years ago. I’ve had numerous creative and personal breakthroughs with her help. Check out her website or email her at <>  
If you’ve ever wondered how much space a person REALLY needs, go to this website. The Tiny Life; Tiny Houses, Tiny Living is a testimony to how adaptable we humans are. Why pay for a 5000 s.f. house when you can live in 200 s.f.? You may be inspired.

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