July 11, 2019

When to Let Go

The only real estate we truly own in this life is our body. The rest is extra:  things, collectibles, what-nots, knickknacks, items, curios, baubles, furniture, clothes, trinkets, property, assets, equity, or treasures.

Embrace that perspective and understand that whatever you decide to release is just a thing. Owning it won’t change who YOU are, but not owning it may lighten your load. The more you own, the bigger the commitment. If you have a house at the beach, an apartment in Manhattan, and a country house in Italy, you have to take care of those places, what is in them, and how they’re maintained. (Or pay someone else to do it.)

Just imagine other perspectives when you look at your “stuff.” The coat you love but haven’t worn for three years might look fantastic on someone else who would wear it often. Don’t get bogged down by fear of letting go.

Photo: Marker found in Connecticut marshes: “Here lies Bosco which proves all good things must end.”

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