My Background

Raised in the Hollywood Hills in a house filled with family antiques, collections of whatnots, sentimental papers and photos, and indulged in every hobby and do-it-yourself project known to mankind, I understand the world of too much stuff.

At age three, behind stacks of boxes in a room no one used (or could) I found a lovely Steinway piano. Delighted by the discovery, I learned that life’s greatest gifts might be found under clutter. By age eight, I was reconciling my parents’ checkbooks and reorganizing their home library according to the Dewey Decimal System. My parents were thrilled.

From this I learned that organizing garners approval and makes people smile. After majoring in math, graduating with a degree in art, writing an astrology column for five years, as well as other writing, editing and desktop publishing jobs, I became a personal assistant (briefly). From this I learned that various career interests require using and keeping track of lots of “stuff” as well as masterful organizing, particularly in small spaces. Hence, The Clutter Angel evolved.

I started this business over 25 years ago, before personal assistants, professional organizers and lifecoaches were household terms. (I like to think I started these trends and everyone else finally caught on.)

I noticed that a lot of clients knew what they wanted to accomplish but often didn’t have the necessary organizing skills to be efficient. So I would end up  changing the work space around for my own convenience as well as theirs.  This often was my favorite part of the job. This was about the time the wings began to sprout! Anyone who experiences work that gives them so much pleasure and energy knows what I’m talking about.

Today, I share my unique organizational abilities with clients neatly scattered through Beverly Hills and the Westside, yet still indulge in many other interests for which I’m always inventing new ways of utilizing space.