July 8, 2019


Those of us who have lived and acquired memorabilia, collections, and ephemera eventually need to downsize. The decision-making process itself (true for any age when “de-collecting”) can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s a matter of what to keep and what to donate or sell. It’s so important to me that the client feels each item gets proper consideration. I’ve bought and sold collectibles all my life, so I have a strong sense of what has value monetarily, and am sensitive to a client’s attachments. I encourage clients to keep very special sentimental items. If space is an issue, I suggest and support whatever helps the client reach his or her goal.

I can suggest what furniture to take, measure it, and find a place for it in the new place. I have a good eye for seeing what works where, what colors would sing, and how space can be used most efficiently. I have a B.A. in art, and I have helped many people arrange furniture, hang pictures, and creatively place objects in a new environment.

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