September 21, 2019

Closet Solutions

Closets are my specialty. There’s (almost) nothing as satisfying as being able to see what is in your closet and grab what you need easily without digging or asking where the heck that vintage Chanel blouse is. I like to empty the closet first, and make basic piles of pants, tops, sweaters, etc. Then clean and vacuum the closet as you visualize your future accessible, usable space.

Pay attention to hangers. Joan Crawford allegedly told her daughter (“Mommy Dearest”): “No wire hangers.” ¬†Well, I’m in that camp, too. I like the “huggable” (felt-like covering) hangers because they are thin and clothes don’t slide off. If you have enough closet space, you can use my second favorite: clear or colored plastic ones.I don’t like the molded plastic ones because the hanging hook doesn’t turn and clothes (like a silk blouse) can easily slide off.

Pants should be hung full length. Jeans can be hung or folded on a shelf. Lots of options for shoes depending on your closet space.

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