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September 4, 2012

Out of Control Shopping?

This morning, as I reached for my favorite pair of vintage jeans, a disturbingly familiar question raced through my mind: “What if they wear out? I can’t replace them.” Along with that question (because I decided to listen carefully) was an almost imperceptible nanosecond ¬†of panic. I became aware that I was so accustomed to […]

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May 22, 2012

Dust Bunnies

  Who does old-fashioned “spring cleaning” anymore? (I know I don’t. When I see the dust, I clean it…) But how can you clean it if it’s covered by clutter? That’s one way to keep your tabletop dust-free—cover it with a thousand other things. Okay, I’m joking a little because so many of you take […]

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April 28, 2012

Moving / Downsizing

One of the more trying episodes in life is moving. Under the best of circumstances it can still be overwhelming and exhausting, particularly if you are moving to a smaller space and need to downsize. Why not think of it as a great opportunity to reassess what you value and find new perspectives. It’s part […]

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