Before and After

#1- The first transformation was a storeroom attached to a garage. The clients moved in and never had time to organize it, so it became a catch-all for clutter they didn’t want to look at. When I arrived, I could barely step inside. The floor was covered with boxes and garden tools, toys, holiday decorations, etc. You get the picture. The client was not at home, but had given me simple instructions to “do your best.”

The entire job took less than four hours. I sorted and sifted until all the toys were together, the holiday stuff was together, entertainment dishes together, and so on. It was really a gratifying experience and the client was beside herself, barely able to believe this was possible.

#2- This home office space presented several challenges.  Originally, it was a front hall closet and never seemed to lose its original purpose of being a catch-all for all papers, collections, mail, media, etc.  There were sentimental items, unopened mail, packaging from computer peripherals, current files, and absolutely no room to put another piece of paper. Among my favorite purchases were magnetic strips from The Container Store that could display the constantly changing photos of grandkids as well as important receipts or reminders. You can see them on the wall directly below the shelves in the two “after” photos. I also managed to leave shelf space for traveling computers, kindles, tablets, etc. Extra cords and batteries went into a shallow drawer beneath the printer (far left, out of view).