5-Star Reviews

Holly, Hollywood

I just dropped off a full carload of suits and professional attire to Dress for Success. Even they were impressed with the size of the donation. I’m so happy that my over shopping may go to help women in need. It certainly helped me gain a sense of control and calm in my home. Thank you all for helping make this possible for me.

S. C., Los Angeles

Karen is amazing. She came in and helped me create the space that I needed to keep growing. I love that she sees and understands space the same way that Eckhart Tolle describes and talks about space. She helped me revamp my home office and the room is amazing now.  I would totally recommend her.”

Bettina S., Los Angeles

Karen is indeed an angel!! I had a storage area that we couldn’t even walk into, and somehow Karen not only organized everything, we can indeed walk in and actually get to our stuff. Amazing. And even more impressive is that we never met! I sent her pictures of “the situation” and she just took charge and fixed it. If you are in need of someone who can work miracles, then hire Karen. Seriously.”

Kate S., Pacific Palisades

I have lived in disorganization forever and could never find anything. Karen waved her magic wand and I now have everything in its obvious place (why couldn’t I see that before!!) on shelves, in cabinets, in drawers. Now I’m ready to keep the system going.”

Victoria B., West Los Angeles

Karen helped me organize my mom’s personal belongings when she needed to move into nursing care. She was a combination guide, counselor, and practical angel who helped me make the super-tough decisions of what to keep, or sell. She never imposed her opinion, but brought a  kind, non-judgmental wisdom to a difficult process. All that, and a fabulous sense of humor, too! I would recommend her to anyone needing objective, compassionate assistance with sorting or organizing anything, including themselves.”

Lexi V., Jupiter, Florida

I am an interior designer who has been working in the industry for over 35 years…i just finished a project with Karen the Clutter Angel and all i can say is wow… Karen has a methodology to her work that is like none i have ever seen…she has such a keen sense of organization , that it is really amazing…i am a type A personality and want everything done NOW , and Karen was able to work with me and keep me calm by using her very accomplished skills at organizing , even when there was complete chaos. Since i do extensive renovation work and some clients want us to work around all of their stuff, and this was one of those jobs…karen was the perfect choice to help keep everything moving along…even amidst all the construction dust and mess…in the end it was all perfectly organized with everything in its place!!! Thank you Karen…you are not only the Clutter Angel but my angel as well !!!

L. H., Santa Monica

Working with Karen was just what I needed!  She put me at ease right away and provided the inspiration and impetus I lacked on my own to clear out boxes of clutter that I’d been hanging onto for years.  Her style is intuitive, and she can pinpoint where energy should be focused for maximum return on time invested.  We got more done in a single day than I had hoped, and I’m very satisfied with the results because I’m able to keep my place in order now.  Thank you, Clutter Angel!

Gurprasad, Los Angeles

I agree that Karen is an angel, a Godsend and amazing.  She is also a life-changer.  My good friend had moved the contents of a 3 bedroom house into a single room in a community house and for years had lived with piles of stuff everywhere; a packed closet, overflowing boxes, in short, a true nightmare.  When my friend started to exhibit signs of memory loss, a bunch of her friends in the community got together to try and help her sort through and organize her belongings.  We gave up in despair; it simply is the hardest thing to do for someone else.  A friend recommended The Clutter Angel, and so our community hired Karen to do this job and what I really mean is to perform this miracle.  With tremendous love and kindness and true patience, (remember she was dealing with someone with memory loss), Karen transformed that chaotic warehouse into an immaculate, well-organized, graceful and truly beautiful living and meditation space. She threw away, donated, meticulously organized and ingeniously stored years and years of accumulated life materials. My friend is ecstatic and says her life has been changed.  And we, her friends, are in awe and are forever grateful to Karen, The Clutter Angel.

John S., Los Angeles

Call The Clutter Angel!! Karen is a gift! I was afraid and resistant. It had been a long time since I dealt with the clogging and cluttering in my house. I wanted to do it but there was some element of fear and hesitation in me. Karen was gentle, patient and encouraging. And as we slowly started, I got more and more excited and into the process. Her ideas for organization were genius  and her energy and hard work allowed us to accomplish a great deal in a short time. The results are so encouraging that I’m going to be working with her again. Now that I’ve gotten this far, I wonder what took me so long.

Deborah Y., Los Angeles

I couldn’t have done it without her!  It was as if Karen was a guardian Angel.  I felt a connection with her and knew I could trust her.  My father was injured in a car accident and has Alzheimer’s.  I wanted to get his apartment cleaned out and refurbished.  I can say, he was a bit of a hoarder. I could not be there with her and she took charge and did what she had to do.   She took a major load off my shoulders and helped organize and get rid of things.  She also gave me advice on certain things, which i appreciate.  Thank you so much Karen!

Karen M.H., Beverly Hills

Wow, when Karen came into my tiny over crowded home I was doubtful she could make it much better, but was I ever wrong!! Carefully and with great spirit and kindness, she found spaces and places for things I didn’t even think of- my once cluttered living room was neat, in order and easy to manage, as was the rest of the rooms. It was like I moved into a brand new sparkling house!! I have to say also that she was an absolute delight to work with and I actually looked forward to her visits to de-clutter, but alas, they were brief because she’s so efficient & quick! Thank you so much Karen, for making my home brighter and bigger!

Bettina S., Los Angeles

Karen is indeed an angel!! I had a storage area that we couldn’t even walk into, and somehow Karen not only organized everything, we can indeed walk in and actually get to our stuff. Amazing. And even more impressive is that we never met! I sent her pictures of “the situation” and she just took charge and fixed it. If you are in need of someone who can work miracles, then hire Karen. Seriously.

Laura W., New Hope, PA

Having met Karen years ago when I lived in California, I thought of her immediately when I found myself with the daunting task of having to deal with the disposition of my mother’s estate.  Although I was then living in PA, I “imported” Karen to help me, as I knew she would provide her great organizational skills as well as the touch of sensitivity to the situation that I may not have felt if I had hired someone whom I had never met.  I also appreciated Karen’s ability to work independently when there were times when I couldn’t be there with her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen for any organizational or home office tasks.

Betzi S., Los Angeles

Karen is a lifesaver!  With her calm and nonjudgmental demeanor, Karen has helped me to set up file systems, go through my closets and drawers and virtually organize every aspect of my life. Her ability to deal effortlessly with my anxiety about all of the above is worth a fortune. She truly has a gift and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

James P., Valley Village

Life happened to us.  Once we had our two children we just had so much of everything all over our house.  It was too cluttered.  I looked through Yelp and called Karen due to her 5 star reviews (and honestly because of how she explicitly said that we could be involved as much or as little as we wanted.)  I figured we would just start and see where it went.  We were apprehensive about a stranger coming in and telling us what to do, but Karen isn’t like that at all. My wife and I were instantly comfortable with her and we chose to work while she was so we got even more done faster.  Karen does NOT make you feel judged.  She listens and will give you her advice, but it’s your decision.  We started with the thought of doing as little as we wanted to, and ended up not only organizing our house, but moving on to a MUCH bigger project.  Shortly before this process my mom had died, leaving us with a house full of 60 years’ worth of marginal hoarding.  In fact if you look at the pictures Karen has, the two photos labeled “bedroom used for storage” and “bedroom #1 after decluttering” that’s just one of the rooms in my mom’s house.  We appreciated that Karen could work effectively without us around.  I went there once with her and gave her some parameters.  Then she went to work day after day, organizing and de-cluttering.  She separated valuable memorabilia from mountains of trash.   Along the way I asked her to find or set aside some things and somehow she was able to do so in a “stranger’s” house.  She even arranged and was present for the donation pickups.  I didn’t have to come even once.  Thank you Karen!