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Why Clutter Makes us Crazy? Finding the Cure.


Are you a hoarder? 

The answer is if you think you may be, you probably aren't. True hoarding is a psychological problem often stemming from trauma....

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Decisions Decisions

This is always the most challenging part of the process. I can guide your efforts and share my pro tips. I can also get you set up on EBAY if you want to sell items.

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Collections Begin

My organizing gene kicked in early. (see above) At age three, behind stacks of boxes , I found a lovely Steinway piano. Delighted by the discovery, I learned ...

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Find Your Bliss

Not everyone is driven to organize. Some folks don’t even worry about it. That’s okay. There’s no judgement here. Maybe your partner or roommate wants you to clean up your act. 

How it works:

Three Cs


Decide on a goal.


Keep? Donate? Sell?


Clear and beautify space.

Three Ds


Crazy good ways to show off collections.


I can move you from point A to point B.


Photos, apps, files, oh my!

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The Clutter Angel

Karen Kaye

After working 20 plus years as a personal bookkeeper and freelance writer,, I decided to grow a new business —so began The Clutter Angel almost a decade ago, before personal assistants, professional organizers and life coaches were familiar terms. (I like to think I started these trends and everyone else finally caught on.)

Raised in the Hollywood Hills in a house filled with family antiques, sentimental papers, books, photos, I indulged in every hobby and do-it-yourself project known to mankind. My parents almost never threw anything away.  By age eight, I was reconciling my parents’ checkbooks and reorganizing their home
library according to the Dewey Decimal System. 

After majoring in math with an eye toward an architectural degree, I graduated with a degree in art. ThroughWhile promoting sales of my soft-sculptures, my astrology hobby turned into writing an astrology column for several years, as well as other writing, jobs,.[ From this I learned that various career interests require using and keeping track of
lots of “stuff” as well as masterful organizing, particularly in small spaces. Hence, The
Clutter Angel evolved.]
Today, I share my unique organizational abilities with clients scattered throughout Los Angeles, yet still indulge in many other interests for which I’m always inventing new ways of utilizing space.