How I work?


Is it ongoing on anomaly?

Categorize the Clutter

Those are usually keep, donate, or sell .

Upgrade and Rearrange

This will give you that new, clean  space.

​Create Space

​Innovative thinking on the best way to utilize space.


Organizing for new, smaller homes.

​Digital Organization

​​Eliminate paper storage and clutter


​Karen Kaye, The Clutter Angel

My goal is to make your life easier by eliminating the overwhelming stress of having too many things or too much paper or too little space in your environment. In other words, handle the overflow.  I listen to how you describe your situation, I look at the space you have, and I assess what it will take to achieve your goal. Then (usually), I dive in. You have the choice of how much you want to participate. You can dive in, too, give occasional direction, or sit back in an easy chair and watch the fun. Yes, believe it or not, for me it’s fun. You know those kinds of games where you pick a card or tile and match it till they’re all mated?  Or remember Rubik’s cube where you try to match up all the squares so they’re the same color on each side?  Well, that’s what organizing is like for me.