Selections from TWENTY 5-Star Yelp Reviews:

Holly was a client overwhelmed with too-full closets that was encouraged by knowing her donations could help others. “I just dropped off a full carload of suits and professional attire to Dress for Success. Even they were impressed with the size of the donation. I’m so happy that my over shopping may go to help women in need. It certainly helped me gain a sense of control and calm in my home. Thank you all for helping make this possible for me.”
Holly G.
“Karen is amazing. She came in and helped me create the space that I needed to keep growing. I love that she sees and understands space the same way that Eckhart Tolle describes and talks about space. She helped me revamp my home office and the room is amazing now.  I would totally recommend her.” .
S.C., Los Angeles
“Karen is indeed an angel when it comes to clutter.  We’ve worked together over the years to organize my office, cupboards, books and clothes. She takes what seems to be a hopeless mess and brings order. I totally recommend her.”
Kelly M., Los Angeles
“Karen is indeed an angel!! I had a storage area that we couldn’t even walk into, and somehow Karen not only organized everything, we can indeed walk in and actually get to our stuff. Amazing. And even more impressive is that we never met! I sent her pictures of “the situation” and she just took charge and fixed it. If you are in need of someone who can work miracles, then hire Karen. Seriously.”
Bettina S., Los Angeles
“I have lived in disorganization forever and could never find anything. Karen waved her magic wand and I now have everything in its obvious place (why couldn’t I see that before!!) on shelves, in cabinets, in drawers. Now I’m ready to keep the system going.”
Kate S., Pacific Palisades
“Karen helped me organize my mom’s personal belongings when she needed to move into nursing care. She was a combination guide, counselor, and practical angel who helped me make the super-tough decisions of what to keep, or sell. She never imposed her opinion, but brought a  kind, non-judgmental wisdom to a difficult process. All that, and a fabulous sense of humor, too! I would recommend her to anyone needing objective, compassionate assistance with sorting or organizing anything, including themselves.
Victoria B., West Los Angeles, For Love of Food
“I found myself with the daunting task of having to deal with the disposition of my mother’s estate.  Although I was then living in PA, I “imported” Karen to help me, as I knew she would provide her great organizational skills as well as the touch of sensitivity to the situation. I also appreciated Karen’s ability to work independently when there were times when I couldn’t be there with her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen for any organizational or home office tasks.”
Laura W., New Hope, PA
–on clearing out her father’s apartment: “I couldn’t have done it without her. She IS an angel. It’s because she is a Pisces like me. HA”
Deborah Y., Hollywood, CA
X.S. Studio City
“We are back from our trip, going nuts with jet lag, but I just wanted to tell you I think of you a lot and bless you for all the help you gave me. When I was packing for the trip, I kept thinking “I never would have found this or that if not for Karen.” When I need a work file, there it is ! I still have a way to go, but you have helped make my life function so much more smoothly!”

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