Okay, everyone, I have a confession to make. . .I’m a total messaholic. What is

that, you ask? A chronically messy person. (Note: I don’t consider myself a slob.

That’s an entirely different animal.) But I will take off my coat and shoes when I walk

in the door and and pretty much leave them there for at least a few hours. I’ll leave

dishes in the sink overnight. I’ll leave the lid off the olives way after the martini has

been consumed. Sometimes I’ll look around and think “who messed up

my place?” knowing full well who that someone is.

Yes, it’s true. I have the [clutter] angel on one shoulder and the devil-may-care guy

on the other. That’s probably why I’ve become a professional neatnik.  “You must be

sooo organized at home,” people often say to me. Yes, in the sense that I know where

everything is, or at least where it should be. Nothing is willy-nilly. Maybe some piles

or drawers get messy-looking, but the scarf drawer is all scarves, and the sock drawer

is all socks, even if they’re not alway put away in the neatest way.

Speaking for myself, having a lot of “stuff” is a luxury. If you can afford that “luxury,”

you need to maintain it by knowing  what you have and where it lives in your space so

it’s available for use when you want it.  Otherwise, what’s the point?


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