If you’ve read much of my website, you probably have an idea that I’m blessed/cursed with the collecting bug. First, I should distinguish what I consider a “legitimate” collection. If one loves black velvet paintings of Elvis and  buys (or is paid to take them off someone’s hands) them as the passion presents itself, then (as much as I blanch at the thought) that would be legitimate.

However, to collect velvet paintings of Elvis because of an article somewhere that said “someday these will be very valuable,” that isn’t legitimate to me. There has to be a love or connection to each item in order to (in my mind) legitimize it.  And, as much as I like to keep the clutter to a minimum, I LOVE my collections.

Today, I was listening to some random music which caused me to look for an artist in my vinyl collection. That, in turn, inspired me to re-categorize my albums so I could find names by categories (jazz, rock,classical, spoken word, musicals,  solo artists). That works better for me than just alphabetizing.

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