If you’re thinking of decluttering a closet, some drawers, or other kinds of storage space, you’re lucky! Why, you ask? Because starting with a contained space like a drawer is the easiest way to get the momentum going, the juices flowing, and can be downright inspiring (as in “I want to do MORE”).

Let’s start with a drawer, but it could be anything– First, make some room so you can move all the contents onto another surface. Obviously, the contents of a closet will take up more space, like a bed for example.

Take everything out of the drawer and put it on the clean surface.

Clean the drawer thoroughly.

Sort through the items and eliminate what gets tossed or truly doesn’t belong in that drawer.  While you’re doing this, think about what you really want to use that drawer for. (Maybe you don’t really need to keep a hammer in your underwear drawer.) After determining this, put all the like items together. Perhaps you need some kind of dividers or clear boxes to keep some of the things separated but easy to find.

After you put it all back together (and put the hammer back in the tool box in the garage), you’ll feel good…Trust me, you’ll be ready for more.

Make it happen. Call now!

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