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Your Place is a Mess….Tips to Get Going


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Bar Codes Secrets

I’m including this for those of you who don’t know how much you can read from a bar code. (It isn’t just a bunch of cluttery numbers after all.)

Identify Country of Origin from Product Bar Codes
Know the origin of the items in store

The first 3 numbers in the UPC code identify in which country the product is made:

6 9 0 – 6 9 5 are made in China
6 9 0 ********* Made in China
6 9 1 ********* Made in China
6 9 2 ********* Made in China
6 9 3 ********* Made in China
6 9 4 ********* Made in China
6 9 5 ********* Made in China
4 7 1 ********* Made in Taiwan (China)

0 0 – 1 3 are Made in USA
0 0 ********* Made in USA
0 1 ********* Made in USA
0 2 ********* Made in USA
Until 13 ***** Made in USA

3 0 to 3 7 **** Made in France
4 0 to 4 4 *** Made in Germany
4 7 ********* Made in Denmark
4 9 ********* Made in Japan
5 0 ********* Made in UK
7 6 ********* Made in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
4 8 0 ******* Made in the Philippines
6 2 8 ******* Made in Saudi Arabia
6 2 9 ******* Made in United Arab Emirates (UAE)
7 4 0 to 7 4 5 * Made in Central American Countries
8 8 0 ******* Made in South Korea

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Handy Ideas


Here are some great tips you might not have thought of–like cutting a slit down an old paper towel holder to use to keep your wrapping paper rolls from unwinding.      

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MAC / PC Cyber Clutter

Declutter your computer desktop and files.

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Password Secrets

Clients often ask me how I deal with remembering passwords. You can Google password managers and password savers and find lots of options. I don’t recommend or NOT recommend doing that because I haven’t tried it myself. Admittedly, being a dinosaur in many areas, I use a simple technique. I open a word-processing document (it can be Word, Pages, or wherever you can pull up a clean page) and simply type the name of the site in BOLDFACE CAPS then p/w: jackandjill123 (or whatever your password happens to be). Add each site in its alphabetical proper place so you won’t have to move them around later. I keep it on my desktop or filed in documents. If others use your computer, call it something other than “Passwords” like “Grocery List” or something that doesn’t invite prying eyes.

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Inner Space and Clutter

The great spiritual thinker, Eckhart Tolle, talks a lot about needing “space” within that exists between our thoughts in order for the essence of presence to be recognized. Having a mind full of endless thoughts, he tells us, is like trying to live in a room full of clutter and furniture. Our environment reflects our inner life. And sometimes the easiest way to dissolve a lot of chatter on the inside is to remove clutter on the outside.  Just as the clearer your mind is, the less tolerant you’ll feel toward outside chaos, so too the clearer your environment is, the clearer your mind will be. Thought follows action as well as the opposite.

So if you think your living space is not up to snuff, but “who cares? no one sees it,” or other things you tell yourself, think again. Give yourself the gift of space.

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Filing Tips

Here’s some good tips for how to begin to file.


It’s nice to have hanging files (typically olive green but colors are available for a bit more money) with the file folders placed inside of them. They slide easily back and forth on metal bars on the side make access easy. A box of them will come with plastic tabs you can write the file name on.

For easiest filing, insert the plastic tab in the middle of the front of the file folder. Experience has taught us that it’s easier to scan  the middle front to back, rather than dart side to side looking for a name.

File folders (typically manilla color but you can get colored ones, usually more expensive).


Pick categories you think of when you’re looking for something (would you call a file “Auto” or “Car” or “Vehicle”?). Whatever name you choose would determine it’s alphabetical order. Then, within that hanging file, let’s say you call it “Auto” you would have separate folders for things like “Auto Repairs,” “Auto Insurance,” “Auto Loan,” or whatever you choose.

BEWARE of naming files general words like “Miscellaneous” or anything that could collect papers you’d never find again.

Also, you may want to keep a current and one-year earlier tax return handy  in a file called “Taxes.” But don’t fill up your file drawer with six years of tax returns. The earlier ones can be put into a file box (labeled, of course) in a closet. You can keep the back-up information for all years in that same box.


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