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Your Place is a Mess….Tips to Get Going


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Quantum Theory and Clutter: Say WHAT?

Clutter is a mindset. If you see your space as cluttered, you probably feel your mind, your thoughts, and your days are a “mess” as well. A quantum mindset would be the opposite (and yet not, if you really drill down) of clutter.

What does the word ‘clutter’ evoke for you? A pile of papers? An overstuffed closet? A floor littered with toys? What if the word ‘clutter’ and all its definitions did not exist? What if I told you that it’s just an idea locked in your brain? A concept as static as clutter cannot exist in a quantum world, which is always vibrating. Nothing remains static. Everything is moving all the time, always on the verge of new possibility.

Relationships are a great example. A new love is exciting because there is so much unknown, so many possibilities. Later, after getting to know the “facts” about the other person and his or her behaviors, the excitement is often replaced with a stagnant, cemented relationship. And the thrill is gone because we trade the unknown for “reality” and then judge the properties of the relationship as good or bad. The common side effect is we no longer see so many possibilities. Doors of exploration have been shut and padlocked. We’ve severely limited the magic of movement. We’ve traded the unlimited moment for the false security of a static “fact”.

What does this have to do with clutter? I’m only pointing out that what we call “clutter” is a story we make up as we go. It’s the way we choose to frame a concept. Which is to say, once you take a step back and see it as something you’ve labeled with you own […]

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Compassion Toward Hoarders

Probably most of us have at least one friend or relative in that category, just as most of us likely have an alcoholic friend or relative. A friend of mine who admits she has several relatives who suffer with this habit affectionately calls them, “hoardies.”

Being a rather new problem, it attracts so-called experts who are quick to jump on the hoarder-disorder bandwagon and profit from it. The truth is there isn’t enough information yet to fully understand how and why it develops in some people and not others. There is obvious a mental problem of some kind involved such as OCD, ADHD, or chronic depression. But everyone is different and the reasons and treatments vary widely, as they should.

I believe one of our responsibilities, as professional organizers, is to treat clients with respect and compassion to help reduce their anxiety and shame about needing help. Listening, not judging, is key.

I’ve been working with a hoarder who had terrible experiences with hoarder “experts” who [she felt] demoralized and humiliated her with critical labels like “Level 4” or “tornado.” The “plan” was to bring in a crew and toss everything out in a few days. No sifting or sorting, just shovel and bag. Charges would be added to an already expensive process for transport of trash to the city dump and fees as well as transportation of goods to the donation center. After a brief conversation, I realized she was not the stereotypical hoarder who was reluctant to part with anything. She was aware of how much needed to be tossed or donated; she just didn’t want bank statements, tax returns, etc., to be tossed willy-nilly.

Yes, it’s painstakingly slow with just the two of us going […]

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An Upside of Clutter

"clutter is just one messy path to a spiritual life."

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The Magic of a Hug: AMMA

You might wonder what Amma (known as “the hugging saint”) has to do with clutter. My answer would be consciousness. And the more conscious we are, the more mindful we are. And the more we pay attention to each moment we live, the less clutter accumulates in our lives. Amma’s “religion” is LOVE. Her loving hugs cut through mental barriers (ie. judgement and criticism) to give recipients a leg up in the consciousness process. Later comes the domino effect which affects how we see and live in our environments. Below I describe my experience with her.

Once a year, when Amma visits Los Angeles to hug thousands who make the effort to see her, I drive to the Airport Hilton to be part of this unique ritual. It’s something I look forward to for months. Amma is known as a living saint, or the hugging saint. I could say my mother was a saint, too, like most mothers. But Amma is different. She is the Real Deal, in my humble opinion; saint with a capital “S.” Over the last 30-plus years, it is said she has hugged upwards of 33 million people.
Three years ago, when I first learned about Amma from a new friend who suggested I get a hug, I initially hesitated till he said: “Think of how amazing it is that you can be on the planet at the same time as a living saint, as well as have the opportunity to meet?” Now I was curious. And it was free. What did I have to lose other than a few hours?
Receiving one hug from Amma (darshan) can be an all-day process. Sometimes the […]

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Unpacking Your Inner Clutter

Unpacking Clutter in Your Consciousness

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RECYCLING: Not a New Idea

1942! Send your typewriters to war. At Universal City, California, Maria Montez, glamorous Latin-American movie star, and Gloria Jean, typical of young America in Hollywood, helped collect over one hundred typewriters for the Army, Navy, and Marines. Only machines manufactured since January 1, 1935 were commandeered; no portables were wanted. A telephonic dictation room is being set up whereby busy executives can pick up the telephone, dictate their mail to a centrally located room which insures prompt typing of their letters, and at the same time more correspondence can be handled with lesser number of typewriters.

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Hoarding and Hoarders

We’ve become all too familiar with the term “hoarders” in the past few years, thank to reality TV. I consider a true hoarder someone who compulsively collects and/or seeks out an excessive amount of products until they become more important than personal health and safety. If you’re a person who has stacks of papers on surfaces and a collection of magazines and books, or a table filled with items you haven’t found a place for, then you’re probably not a hoarder. True hoarders are more rare than not. The ordinary person who collects and eventually gets overwhelmed because of space or lack of organization is more the norm. The hoarding situations I’ve encountered have been brought about because of onsets of disabilities or various levels of dementia. There’s a big difference between hoarders and those who have clutter. I’ve had clients who were quick to call themselves hoarders when actually an illness or death of a spouse brought about a sense of overwhelm and helplessness that is often exacerbated by the guilt of not staying on top of things. So please don’t be quick to judge. A true hoarder can be diagnosed and often helped with therapy and/or medication.

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If you’ve read much of my website, you probably have an idea that I’m blessed/cursed with the collecting bug. First, I should distinguish what I consider a “legitimate” collection. If one loves black velvet paintings of Elvis and  buys (or is paid to take them off someone’s hands) them as the passion presents itself, then (as much as I blanch at the thought) that would be legitimate.

However, to collect velvet paintings of Elvis because of an article somewhere that said “someday these will be very valuable,” that isn’t legitimate to me. There has to be a love or connection to each item in order to (in my mind) legitimize it.  And, as much as I like to keep the clutter to a minimum, I LOVE my collections.

Today, I was listening to some random music which caused me to look for an artist in my vinyl collection. That, in turn, inspired me to re-categorize my albums so I could find names by categories (jazz, rock,classical, spoken word, musicals,  solo artists). That works better for me than just alphabetizing.

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CATio Re-Do

A summer salute to, as Jackson Galaxy would say, the CATIO. If you have a cat and you’ve given him an outdoor patio, it becomes a Catio. Mine became a catio once I decided to keep the litter box out there (the slider stays ajar). It had been sadly neglected for waaaaay too long. Half-dead plants, broken pots, garden tools, leftover god-know-whatsit, had become unsightly. Since it’s off my loft room, I didn’t have to look at it or even share it with company. I had a couple of free days, so decided to tackle the clutter nightmare. It was a perfect summer project, and gave me the feelings I was working in “the garden” (even though I was on the roof).

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