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A Good “Control Freak”!

Most of us can either look in the mirror or point a finger at someone we call “controlling”. I started examining the icy phrase “control freak” and wondered where the freak part comes in. The more I thought about it, the more I believe it’s a totally overly used and mis-used description.

Here’s why. We humans have ultimate control of only one thing: our experience living this life. We can’t control other people, the weather, the results of events, luck, and on and on. You get my point. We tend to call people who DO try to control things or people outside of themselves “controlling.”

If we totally take responsibility for our own lives, that’s a LOT of consciousness and awareness: and a full time job. Being mindful. Paying attention. If we focus on our own business all the time, we won’t have time or interest in other people’s lives or events. We CAN control out own attitudes and how we respond to every moment in life. It’s the zen or buddha way to live. And that is what the real definition of “control freak” should be. Practicing that is the best way to live. If we all did that, the term would evolve into the highest compliment we could bestow on someone.


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Kato the Klutter Kitty

Kato karefully kreates kolorful klutter.♥

Kato reminds me that we don’t need at lot—just some food, water, place to eliminate same (HA), and a bonus toy if we’re indoor creatures.

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Wholistic View of Clutter

No doubt you’ve heard about the disastrous floating “island” consisting of hundreds, perhaps thousands of square miles of garbage that has collected in the Pacific Ocean. It is the result of extreme clutter that can’t be broken down by Nature. You’ve also probably heard of fracking which has by-products so toxic that poisons are released into the atmosphere too extreme to dissipate back into the atmosphere or groundwater.

It seems like every week we hear about something that is clogging, choking, or poisoning the planet because we, as stewards of this great rock, are not doing a good job of cleaning up after ourselves.

As individuals trying to cope with these kinds of global disasters, we might feel helpless and hopeless. But we can be effective in our own lives. We can raise our awareness of our own personal toxic messes by de-cluttering our own backyards, so to speak. Where is the toxic island in your house? Is it under the bed? Under the kitchen sink? In the garage or spare room?  Although we may not have the power to tackle an island of plastic and sludge in the Pacific, we do have the power to be more mindful of our own clutter heaps. Tackling our own natural disasters is ultimately empowering. And we can learn a lot. Like monitoring our inner dialog. Instead of groaning and re-iterating some negative message like “Why haven’t I done this before?” or “How could I be such a slob?” (or worse yet, blaming someone else for it), reinforce a positive message. “I’m doing a very good thing for myself,” or “I am doing a great job of organizing,” as examples.

We can also become more mindful of how we dispose […]

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Bar Codes Secrets

I’m including this for those of you who don’t know how much you can read from a bar code. (It isn’t just a bunch of cluttery numbers after all.)

Identify Country of Origin from Product Bar Codes
Know the origin of the items in store

The first 3 numbers in the UPC code identify in which country the product is made:

6 9 0 – 6 9 5 are made in China
6 9 0 ********* Made in China
6 9 1 ********* Made in China
6 9 2 ********* Made in China
6 9 3 ********* Made in China
6 9 4 ********* Made in China
6 9 5 ********* Made in China
4 7 1 ********* Made in Taiwan (China)

0 0 – 1 3 are Made in USA
0 0 ********* Made in USA
0 1 ********* Made in USA
0 2 ********* Made in USA
Until 13 ***** Made in USA

3 0 to 3 7 **** Made in France
4 0 to 4 4 *** Made in Germany
4 7 ********* Made in Denmark
4 9 ********* Made in Japan
5 0 ********* Made in UK
7 6 ********* Made in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
4 8 0 ******* Made in the Philippines
6 2 8 ******* Made in Saudi Arabia
6 2 9 ******* Made in United Arab Emirates (UAE)
7 4 0 to 7 4 5 * Made in Central American Countries
8 8 0 ******* Made in South Korea

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Handy Ideas


Here are some great tips you might not have thought of–like cutting a slit down an old paper towel holder to use to keep your wrapping paper rolls from unwinding.      

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MAC / PC Cyber Clutter

Declutter your computer desktop and files.

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Password Secrets

Clients often ask me how I deal with remembering passwords. You can Google password managers and password savers and find lots of options. I don’t recommend or NOT recommend doing that because I haven’t tried it myself. Admittedly, being a dinosaur in many areas, I use a simple technique. I open a word-processing document (it can be Word, Pages, or wherever you can pull up a clean page) and simply type the name of the site in BOLDFACE CAPS then p/w: jackandjill123 (or whatever your password happens to be). Add each site in its alphabetical proper place so you won’t have to move them around later. I keep it on my desktop or filed in documents. If others use your computer, call it something other than “Passwords” like “Grocery List” or something that doesn’t invite prying eyes.

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Inner Space and Clutter

The great spiritual thinker, Eckhart Tolle, talks a lot about needing “space” within that exists between our thoughts in order for the essence of presence to be recognized. Having a mind full of endless thoughts, he tells us, is like trying to live in a room full of clutter and furniture. Our environment reflects our inner life. And sometimes the easiest way to dissolve a lot of chatter on the inside is to remove clutter on the outside.  Just as the clearer your mind is, the less tolerant you’ll feel toward outside chaos, so too the clearer your environment is, the clearer your mind will be. Thought follows action as well as the opposite.

So if you think your living space is not up to snuff, but “who cares? no one sees it,” or other things you tell yourself, think again. Give yourself the gift of space.

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Out of clutter, find Simplicity. From discord, find Harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.

-Albert Einstein 


 Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean.

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe




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Thinking Out of the Box

The TRUE meaning of thinking “out of the box”–for me– is to stop thinking. Start breathing. If you have a clutter, organizing, or hoarding issue, give your brain a vacation. Chances are you’ve been OVER thinking the problem, fretting perhaps. (By the way, people who call themselves hoarders usually aren’t.)

Worrying and obsessing how to work out a clutter problem by banging your head on (in this case) the inside wall of your box, doesn’t  work. There is no opportunity to get a real perspective on the issue. Our beautiful computer-like brains are most effective at problem-solving if there isn’t a lot of emotional attachment involved. One way I’ve learned to trick myself is to imagine an organized and compassionate friend is looking at the problem. How would he or she handle it? What would your friend say about hanging onto that ugly cracked coffee mug just because your long-departed relative drank out of it?

That’s where we often get into trouble–sentimentality. A little goes a long way. You don’t need to hang onto your grandmother’s muu-muus if you have no plan to wear them. (Yes, you could cut them up and make a patchwork quilt, but WILL you? What would that same friend say?)

If you’re really courageous, don’t imagine your friend, really ask him or her. You may be surprised. Even if you only imagine a conversation with the other person, you might hear something you never expected.Welcome to the world outside of the box!

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