You might wonder what Amma (known as “the hugging saint”) has to do with clutter. My answer would be consciousness. And the more conscious we are, the more mindful we are. And the more we pay attention to each moment we live, the less clutter accumulates in our lives. Amma’s “religion” is LOVE. Her loving hugs cut through mental barriers (ie. judgement and criticism) to give recipients a leg up in the consciousness process. Later comes the domino effect which affects how we see and live in our environments. Below I describe my experience with her.

Once a year, when Amma visits Los Angeles to hug thousands who make the effort to see her, I drive to the Airport Hilton to be part of this unique ritual. It’s something I look forward to for months. Amma is known as a living saint, or the hugging saint. I could say my mother was a saint, too, like most mothers. But Amma is different. She is the Real Deal, in my humble opinion; saint with a capital “S.” Over the last 30-plus years, it is said she has hugged upwards of 33 million people.
Three years ago, when I first learned about Amma from a new friend who suggested I get a hug, I initially hesitated till he said: “Think of how amazing it is that you can be on the planet at the same time as a living saint, as well as have the opportunity to meet?” Now I was curious. And it was free. What did I have to lose other than a few hours?
Receiving one hug from Amma (darshan) can be an all-day process. Sometimes the […]

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