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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Hoarding and Hoarders

We’ve become all too familiar with the term “hoarders” in the past few years, thank to reality TV. I consider a true hoarder someone who compulsively collects and/or seeks out an excessive amount of products until they become more important than personal health and safety. If you’re a person who has stacks of papers on surfaces and a collection of magazines and books, or a table filled with items you haven’t found a place for, then you’re probably not a hoarder. True hoarders are more rare than not. The ordinary person who collects and eventually gets overwhelmed because of space or lack of organization is more the norm. The hoarding situations I’ve encountered have been brought about because of onsets of disabilities or various levels of dementia. There’s a big difference between hoarders and those who have clutter. I’ve had clients who were quick to call themselves hoarders when actually an illness or death of a spouse brought about a sense of overwhelm and helplessness that is often exacerbated by the guilt of not staying on top of things. So please don’t be quick to judge. A true hoarder can be diagnosed and often helped with therapy and/or medication.

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If you’ve read much of my website, you probably have an idea that I’m blessed/cursed with the collecting bug. First, I should distinguish what I consider a “legitimate” collection. If one loves black velvet paintings of Elvis and  buys (or is paid to take them off someone’s hands) them as the passion presents itself, then (as much as I blanch at the thought) that would be legitimate.

However, to collect velvet paintings of Elvis because of an article somewhere that said “someday these will be very valuable,” that isn’t legitimate to me. There has to be a love or connection to each item in order to (in my mind) legitimize it.  And, as much as I like to keep the clutter to a minimum, I LOVE my collections.

Today, I was listening to some random music which caused me to look for an artist in my vinyl collection. That, in turn, inspired me to re-categorize my albums so I could find names by categories (jazz, rock,classical, spoken word, musicals,  solo artists). That works better for me than just alphabetizing.

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