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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Moving / Downsizing

One of the more trying episodes in life is moving. Under the best of circumstances it can still be overwhelming and exhausting, particularly if you are moving to a smaller space and need to downsize.

Why not think of it as a great opportunity to reassess what you value and find new perspectives. It’s part of your growth and evolution in your life adventure.

Here’s where I come in. I can help you declutter, organize to pack, box up the more fragile items you don’t trust the movers to handle, arrange the furniture at the new place, unpack and organize all of your items and basically get you moved in. I can also help to organize offsite storage, if that’s the way you want to go. For you it’s drudgery, for me it’s fun. Really!


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How I Work With You

My goal is to make your life easier by eliminating the overwhelming stress of having too many things or too much paper or too little space in your environment. In other words, handle the overflow.  I listen to how you describe your situation, I look at the space you have, and I assess what it will take to achieve your goal. Then (usually), I dive in. You have the choice of how much you want to participate. You can dive in, too, give occasional direction, or sit back in an easy chair and watch the fun. Yes, believe it or not, for me it’s fun. You know those kinds of games where you pick a card or tile and match it till they’re all mated?  Or remember Rubik’s cube where you try to match up all the squares so they’re the same color on each side?  Well, that’s what organizing is like for me.

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Ever Met-a-Phor?

 “phor”: Person Holding Old Receipts
            You may have heard it before: “As above, so below” or, “As within so Without.”
Everything that’s comes into your life you have attracted or created, much of it unconsciously. The way you live is the perfect metaphor of who you are.

Now before going all judgmental and defensive, take a look at Nature. Do we see undeveloped land as acres of tidily trimmed lawns, toweringclutter trees, pretty flowers?  No. There are beautiful forests, yes, but more often are the barren places, brambles, weeds, dried-up streams, muddy lakes, dark, rough seas, as well as the picture postcard areas.

The concept that every house should look like something out of Architectural Digest, and every room should have that Martha Stewart touch, is a made up concept we may or may not strive toward. Most of us do not live in perfect, neat environments. It’s nice to tidy up sometimes, but anyone who devotes most of their time to picture-perfect cleaning is either very compulsive or very bored, and probably has a pretty empty life.

When you’re focused on a project, or going through an emotional crisis, or have an illness, your living space probably develops piles of papers, dishes, clothing and basically goes to hell in a hand basket, right? And because we’re conditioned to think messy is “bad,” we find another reason to get down on ourselves for being bad housekeepers.

I’m here to tell you that the more you understand how your space reflects your emotions, the easier it becomes to feel comfortable in your space and in your own skin.

Why is it that the perfectly decorated and clean house of a friend is far less comfortable than the […]

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Filing Tips

Here’s some good tips for how to begin to file.


It’s nice to have hanging files (typically olive green but colors are available for a bit more money) with the file folders placed inside of them. They slide easily back and forth on metal bars on the side make access easy. A box of them will come with plastic tabs you can write the file name on.

For easiest filing, insert the plastic tab in the middle of the front of the file folder. Experience has taught us that it’s easier to scan  the middle front to back, rather than dart side to side looking for a name.

File folders (typically manilla color but you can get colored ones, usually more expensive).


Pick categories you think of when you’re looking for something (would you call a file “Auto” or “Car” or “Vehicle”?). Whatever name you choose would determine it’s alphabetical order. Then, within that hanging file, let’s say you call it “Auto” you would have separate folders for things like “Auto Repairs,” “Auto Insurance,” “Auto Loan,” or whatever you choose.

BEWARE of naming files general words like “Miscellaneous” or anything that could collect papers you’d never find again.

Also, you may want to keep a current and one-year earlier tax return handy  in a file called “Taxes.” But don’t fill up your file drawer with six years of tax returns. The earlier ones can be put into a file box (labeled, of course) in a closet. You can keep the back-up information for all years in that same box.


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One Man’s Clutter. . .

You may or may not guess what the photo on the left is a part of. Pieces of broken crockery and glass are placed in cement. This is just a small section of Watts Towers (below). Simon Rodia was a small man with a large vision. He wanted to build something that would remind him of his native Italy with its tall, spiraling church steeples. It took him 30+ years to build and decorate with found objects including bottles, scrap metal, sea shells, ceramic tiles, even bed frames. He built the framework with scrap rebar and whatever he picked up on the road.

The point of this, besides applauding anyone’s opportunity to re-purpose “trash,” is to underscore the importance of experimenting with new perspectives. Look at what you own. Imagine you’re from another planet and don’t associate any of this with a value or name.  Pretend you’re an important designer assigned to personally re-arrange and eliminate (ie. play with) your possessions. This can help you make decisions that aren’t based on sentimentality or well-worn habits.

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